NOIR | Episode 16: “Tactical Relapse”

NOIR_Ep16In NOIR Episode 16 “Tactical Relapse,” Dom Raso meets LaSorte at the range for some tactical shooting drills. Surrounded once again by the “fight for your life” mentality, LaSorte reverts back to his tactical ways. However, he ultimately remembers shooting is more than just training to survive. It’s being a competitor, a rush junkie, an athlete … that was a close one.

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NOIR | Episode 15: “Smooth Operator”

NOIR_Ep15NOIR Episode 15 “Smooth Operator” is all about girls and guns. X Games EnduroCross gold medalist Kacy Martinez tries athletic shooting and LaSorte shares his dating advice with Colion.

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NOIR | Episode 14: “Born on the 4th of July”

NOIR_Ep14In NOIR Episode 14 “Born on the 4th of July” Colion and LaSorte are in awe of John Wayne Walding’s accomplishments and story. His relentless mindset and tips for accuracy inspired Colion and LaSorte during Stage 6 of the NOIR Challenge.

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NOIR | Episode 13: “The 5-Minute Zombie Apocalypse”

NOIR_Ep13Colion and LaSorte decide to design a Zombie Challenge to test their survival skills. The zombies may be fake, but NOIR Episode 13 “The 5-Minute Zombie Apocalypse” brings out the creative possibilities when building a freestyle field.

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NOIR | Episode 12: “Pregame is THE Game”

NOIR_Ep12All athletes have their own pregame routine. For shooter athletes, it’s a pre-range routine. In NOIR Episode 12 “Pregame is THE Game” LaSorte and Colion highlight some of the pre-range routines they’ve come across. Whether you practice dry fire like LaSorte or physically train like Colion, routines help you stay prepared and focused at the range or during a workout.

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NOIR Episode 11: NOIR’s Strongest Man

The latest episode of NOIR is online and ready to watch in case you missed watching it live.  Scroll down to watch this episode in its entirety or click here to view all past episodes of NOIR.

How important is strength in shooting? After preparing with some exercises led by David Vobora at Performance Vault, Colion and LaSorte put Branch Warren to the test in NOIR Episode 11 “NOIR’s Strongest Man.”

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