Springfield Armory Launches 2020 M1A GearUp Promotion

Springfield Armory is pleased to announce the M1A Gear Up Promotion for 2020.

Customers who purchase any new Springfield Armory M1A rifle between March 1, 2020 and May 31, 2020, are eligible to receive two 20-round magazines and an M1A scope mount for free as part of the Gear Up promotion. This includes all M1A models — including Match rifles. The package is valued at $265.

For consumers in states with magazine capacity restrictions, you are eligible to receive two 10-round magazines that are compliant with your state laws along with the M1A scope mount.

The legendary M1A has a lineage that can be traced back to the time-tested M14, a rifle that has proven its mettle around the world. The M1A harnesses the strength of the original U.S. Military design, offering it in a semi-automatic, civilian-legal rifle with a record of success on the competition fields. The result is a firearm that nods to the past while pushing toward the future.

The Gear Up promotion form can be redeemed by mail with proof of purchase. For quicker service, buyers can initiate the redemption process online at Please note that the estimated processing and delivery time for the Gear Up promotion is between 8-12 weeks upon receipt of materials from the customer.

Springfield Armory® reserves the right to substitute items of similar value if necessary.

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