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FirearmsGuide-screenshot01As we have previously told our readers about, firearm mega-reference Firearms Guide made the jump from a DVD-based guide to an online cloud-based firearms reference guide with cross-platform compatibility.  Already since then, the Firearms Guide has been making good on their promise to provide more frequent updates to the guide.

The Firearms Guide Online is a great reference that offers high-res photos, specifications, and blow-up diagrams of tens of thousands of firearms and we want to help share the guide with by giving out some FREE 6-Month Subscriptions to Firearms Guide Online!

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Cloud-Based Firearms Guide Releases 6th Edition

FirearmsGuidePS90We told you about the Firearms Guide’s jump from DVD to “the cloud” back in January and all of the new features and capabilities that this change allowed.

Firearms Guide editor Chris Mijic is delivering on his promise of frequent updates in the ever-changing world of firearms as the 6th edition of the new ONLINE Firearms Guide makes its debut this week.

Chris describes the Guide as the “most extensive firearms, air guns and ammo reference guide” with more than 61,000 firearm and ammo entries from over 900 manufacturers.  In addition to details about the firearms, the Guide also provides values based on 100% – 30% condition ratings on all firearms as well as over 5,500 printable firearm parts lists and diagrams.

To check out the latest addition to the Firearms Guide series, visit the Firearms Guide website.

Firearms Guide Makes Jump from DVD to “The Cloud”

FirearmsGuide-screenshot01We have told you about the Firearms Guide in the past as it has grown and matured from a disk-based database of firearms information to a more comprehensive suite that includes high resolution photos, schematics, gun and ammo specs, printable targets and more; as well as growing to include specialized versions for niches such as tactical rifles.  Now the firearms guide has made the next step since the previous disk-based version as it moves into “the cloud“.

Firearms Guide bills itself as the first fully researchable global database of firearms, air guns, and ammunition created for industry professionals and enthusiasts.  The guide enables searches of antique and modern guns along with side by side comparisons of search results.  Firearms are cross-referenced with the ammunition database and the guide also includes a separately searchable firearms schematic database. Continue reading

Firearms Guide Continues to Improve with 4th Edition

Firearms Guide 4th EditionThe latest installment in the Firearms Guide series released this month by Impressum Media demonstrates the publisher’s continuing efforts to improve the product.  Arriving on the scene almost one year after the previous version, the 4th Edition Firearms Guide continues to grow.

More, more, more!

The addition of several thousand entries pushes the total over 57,000 firearms, air gun and ammunition entries from more than 630 manufacturers – more than doubling the 250 manufacturers represented in the 3rd edition of the guide.  Among these entries are over 4,300 printable high-resolution firearms schematics, which are great for routine maintenance or for figuring out how to put your firearm back together after a spring lets loose and sends that doohickey flying across the room.

Larue OBRIf you prefer to leave the gunsmithing to professionals, don’t worry; there is much more to the Firearms Guide than just schematics.  The guide also showcases over 39,000 high-resolution photographs as well as Continue reading

Firearms Industry Shopping Comparison Site GunSpec Launches Version 2.0 v2.0 Launches

FISHKILL, NY – GunSpec, a shopping comparison site for the firearms industry, has launched v2.0. The new version provides end users with additional offerings and more robust product search features. GunSpec has expanded its list of firearm category offerings and created new categories for clothing, hunting gear, knives and emergency preparedness products.

The big news for firearms retailers is that they still have a choice of uploading their catalog offerings with a no cost, free trial and taking advantage of the industry’s first “firearms, parts and accessories only” shopping search engine site. Retailers can also boost their web store presence by taking part in the new GunSpec Premium Ad Placement program. The ad placement program is a cost-per-click advertising program that enhances the retailer’s catalog offering for a lower cost than traditional shopping engine providers. GunSpec has also beefed up its capabilities for retailers to include automated product data feeds, inventory, and reporting.

“GunSpec v2.0 is a direct result of our open Continue reading

Next Edition of Firearms Guide Packs Even More Info Than Before

Firearms Guide 3rd EditionAfter a few hiccups with the release date, the long-awaited 3rd Edition of the Firearms Guide is finally available.  I spoke with Chris from Impressum Media, creators of the Multimedia Firearms Guide, at the 2012 SHOT Show earlier this year where he told me of the coming updates.  During the show, Chris had anticipated the release within a few weeks, which turned into early March, which turned into late March and then early May.  The wait is over and users now have access to detailed information on ammunition and firearms from over 250 manufacturers spanning 38 countries totaling over 55,000 entries.  The creators tout the Firearms Guide 3rd Edition as “the most extensive firearms, ammo and air guns reference guide and schematics library.”

The Firearms Guide isn’t just a list of guns, either.  The entries include a great deal of detail including price, manufacturer info, barrel length, sight radius, caliber, features list and more.  This volume of information could easily overwhelm you if it were not so easy to navigate.  Entries can be searched for by name or  narrowed down by selecting from 14 different criteria – including caliber, country of origin, price, action and more. Continue reading





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