Ah, Memories. Your First Firearm.

ThrowbacksPeople tend to remember their first.  Motorheads probably fondly (or not) recall their first car, just as motorcyclists probably vividly remember their first two-wheeler that sparked their love for bikes.  Guitar virtuosos likely look back on their first axe.  Perhaps the modern-day Don Juan thinks back to their first romantic conquest.  Firearms enthusiasts are no different.

While being bombarded with throwback-Thursday #TBT posts on various social media outlets today, I came across a couple that made me a little nostalgic for some of the now-obsolete tech from the seemingly not-so-distant past and since, obviously, I had a number of other browser windows open with gun related stuff going on, my mind drifted in that direction.

Rather than just prattling on about about my first firearm (although I had a number before it, I consider the Ruger 10/22 that I spent my own money on to possess that honor), I thought that we should have a reader-driven firearm-themed throwback.

Post below in the comments section (or pop over to this old thread on the GunLink Forums) and tell us about an old firearm that you own or used to own.  Maybe it was the first gun that you shot, the first one you owned, or the first one that you bought.  Maybe it was a special gift to you or maybe it was one that you gifted to someone else.  Perhaps it was one that you sold or traded but wish that you still had.

Whatever it is, tell us about it!





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