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Trigger Time Behind Long Range Smart Optics

.30-06 Remington 2020One of the most exciting things we got to see at range day was a pair of siblings from the smart optics family:  the Tracking Point Xact system and its little brother, the new Remington 2020 system.  Despite getting behind the Tracking Point for some simulation last year, this was my first time sending live rounds downrange with it.  Way downrange.  We punished the nearly 1000 yard target with the .300 Win Mag version and, since misery loves company, we put a hurting on the 350+ yard target with the .30-06 Remington 700 with the 2020 on top.

The new Remington system uses the same optic/ballistics calculator/range finder/wi-fi server/magic box as the Tracking Point, although not so tightly integrated with the firearm.  Despite the device handling the measurements and ballistic computations for the user, it doesn’t have any mechanism for Continue reading

SHOT Show 2014 Day at the Range Recap

Remington 2020Another year’s SHOT Show range day at nearby Boulder City is in the can and it was as exciting as ever.  We got to see, handle and shoot a number of great new weapons.  The exhibitors had plenty to tell us, the range was well kept and, thanks to the RSOs (and everyone’s cooperation), safe.  As an added bonus, it wasn’t freezing cold and windy this year.  Winning!

Long Distance Plan

One of the most exciting things we got to see at range day was a couple siblings from the smart optics family:  the Tracking Point system and the Remington model 700 with the Tracking Point’s little brother, the 20/20.  I had a chance to try Continue reading

Are “Smart Optics” Catching On?

Remington 2020

During last year’s SHOT Show, we covered the Tracking Point Xact system, a closed-loop weapon system with “smart optics” that compute ballistic data and make long range shooting so easy a caveman can do it.  Although there were skeptics in the GunLink crew at first, they were won over.  So, it seems, were others…

Remington recently announced their 2020 smart optic, powered by Tracking Point technology.  In addition to a line with more caliber options – .30-06 Springfield, .308 Winchester and .223 Remington versus Tracking Point’s .338 Lapua and .300 WSM – the price is significantly lower.  Where the Tracking Point offerings tip the scales in the $18,00-23,000 range, the Remington packages have a more palatable MSRP well under $6,000.  Where the factory rifle offerings from Tracking Point were totally custom numbers, Remington 2020 packages come with familiar Model 700 and Bushmaster rifles underneath their smart optics. Continue reading





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