MyGunDB GunLink Edition Software Helps Manage Firearms Collections

MyGunDB GunLink EditionPopular firearms inventory system now available with a GunLink Twist!  Still available to use for free!

The popular MyGunDB software is now available as MyGunDB GunLink Edition.  This special edition offers all the great features of the original version plus a little extra, such as timely firearms industry news via direct access to GunLink tweets! Purchasing a registration key for the MyGunDB GunLink Edition also helps keep the lights on here at GunLink.

As you may recall from the GunLink interview with the developer during the 2012 SHOT Show, this partnership has been in the works for a while and it is finally ready to be unleashed on the world!

This firearms inventory system offers many features to help users manage their firearms collection digitally while meeting ATF digital bound book requirements.  From casual collectors and firearms enthusiasts to FFL dealers with a large inventory, MyGunDB GunLink Edition will help keep your information safe, secure and organized.

The fully featured version of MyGunDB GunLink edition is available to use at absolutely no cost for up to ten firearms.  This allows users with modestly sized collections access to all of the software’s helpful features.  It also provides the more enthusiastic collector an opportunity to try out the software before deciding whether to purchase a registration key which unlocks the software for use with unlimited firearms.

For a limited time, GunLink readers can get the opportunity to win one of two FREE full registration keys for MyGunDB software by entering the 2012 Independence Day Giveaway on the GunLink forums.

The MyGunDB system is built on Adobe AIR, which allows it to run under Windows, Mac OS X 10.5+ and Linux.  Not only does it keep track of your firearm’s make, model, serial number and description, it also allows you to attach photos, appraised values, accessories and more.  This is especially useful for insurance purposes should something happen to your collection.  MyGunDB will also keep track of your firearm’s maintenance schedule, letting you know when it’s time for a good cleaning or other service.  Particularly useful for FFL holders is the ability to print inventory, financial and acquisition and disposition (A&D) reports.

Unlike paper copies or plain spreadsheet copies of your firearms data, MyGunDB helps you keep that information away from prying eyes through a number of security measures, including password protection, data encryption, digital signatures and more.  All files are stored locally on your own computer (although you have the option of exporting your data to a thumbdrive, Dropbox, CD-R, etc. for backup).

There are currently three versions of MyGunDB GunLink Edition available:

  • The FREE version is FULLY functional but limited to 10 or less firearms
  • Full registration enables all features
  • Basic registration disables Ammo, Maintenance and Holsters tabs, A&D reports, and limits images per firearm to 3 or less

Download your copy today and start seeing why users are raving about MyGunDB:

“It’s much easier and faster to use [than Excel] along with being more through.”
“Easy to understand, I didn’t have to read any directions and I already have all my guns entered.”
“Clearly customer service is incredibly important to MyGunDB.”
“This one is spot on!”

Have questions, comments or reviews?  Don’t forget to visit the MyGunDB section of the GunLink forums to connect with the developer.


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