Silencerco Saker Brings New Suppressor Features to the Table

Silencerco, the driving force behind last spring’s Silencers Are Legal Shoot, which drew attention to the legality of firearms suppressors, has just released their latest product, the 5.56 Saker suppressor.  First unveiled at the 2012 SHOT Show and now in full production, the Saker is billed as “the most advanced rifle suppressor on the market” and offers several key new features.

The first feature, which they call the Multiple Accessory Attachment Device (MAAD), is an interchangeable certerfire rifle mounting platform that allows the Saker to be attached to a variety of popular flash hiders and mounting systems.  In addition to offering flexibility, the capability to attach the suppressor to existing mounting systems is a potential money saver.  The Saker specifications page lists the Trifecta RS Flash Hider Mount, 51 Tooth Mount, Direct Thread Mount, Y-Mount and Specwar Mounts as compatible mounting solutions with support for more to come in the future.

The aforementioned Trifecta mount is intended to be used with Silencerco’s proprietary Trifecta RS (for resonnance suppression) flash hider.  The RS seeks to eliminate tuning fork-like ringing that may occur with other three-prong flash hiders by using prongs of different lengths.  To mount in this configuration, the Saker is dropped onto the Trifecta RS flash hider until stopping on its index points. A couple quick turns and the Saker is “locked rock solid with no wobble or play onto its Trifecta RS flash hider“.  With no external levers or ratchets to depress, the Trifecta-mounted Saker can be recessed under many popular railed hand guards while maintaining its quick attach/detach functionality.

Another advancement for the Saker is the “exotic” new-to-suppressors Hoplon baffle material, reportedly 30% stronger than nickel-chromium based Iconel alloys.  Silencerco claims that these patent pending baffles, with the new material and new geometry, may reduce baffle erosion by up to 90% while yielding repeatable accuracy.

Finally, the Saker features another industry first:  a user replacable rifle suppressor front cap which they dub the MAAD Cap.  This allows the user to replace struck end caps or add other MAAD Cap accessories without the need to return the suppressor to the factory.

Silencerco describes the Saker as “a suppressor for an expert, who seeks unparalleled modularity, performance and innovation. It is the state if the art” with modularity being the “key defining word of the Saker, from the back to the front.

We look forward to getting an up close look at the new Saker during the 2013 SHOT Show as well as some possible trigger time at the SHOT Show Media Day at the Range.

For more details, visit the Silencerco website.


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