A New Magazine for the Ruger 10/22 – The High Tower Armory RM-25

IMG_6739Ah, the Ruger 10/22.  The first firearm for many shooters and a perennial favorite used for everything from plinking to small game hunting and, in some cases, military applications.  With over 5 million built in the past 50+ years, over a dozen factory variants, many more dealer exclusive variants, and hundreds – if not thousands – of aftermarket accessories available, to say that the 10/22 is popular would be quite the understatement.

It could be that one of the reasons for the Ruger’s popularity over some other .22 semi-auto rifles is its reliability, due in part to its famous rotary magazine.  Despite his feelings on so-called “high capacity” magazines, the late Bill Ruger did a pretty good job with this rifle and its feed system.  The only problem with it is that, perhaps to Bill’s satisfaction, it only held 10 rounds.

To solve that reduced-capacity magazine issue, a number of aftermarket magazines have popped up over the past few decades with varying degrees of success.  Some degrees lower than others, in my experience (yes, I’m talking about you, BC Hot Lips and Eagle).  Thankfully, the folks out at High Tower Armory (HTA) in Minnesota seem to have done a good thing with their new RM-25 magazine.

The RM-25 appears to be the solution to the reduced-capacity problem of the standard factory magazine and the reliability issues with some aftermarket offerings.  And while, yes, Ruger may have abandoned their namesake’s ideology and produced higher capacity BX-series magazines, HTA didn’t stop there – they also brought some welcome additions to the table.   Continue reading

Alien Gear Releases Third Generation IWB Holster

cloak-tuck-3.0-whiteAs a follow-on to their original Cloak Tuck and Cloak Tuck 2.0 lines of holsters which we have previously reviewed, Idaho-based Alien Gear Holsters has announced the release of the next iteration of their inside-the-wasitband (IWB) holsters.

This latest iteration brings new materials to the holster line, as well as some improvements such as a steel insert covering the footprint of the pistol for durability while leaving the ends of the holster flexible enough to conform to your body.

Official release follows:

Alien Gear Holsters has revolutionized the concealed carry industry once again with their new and improved ‘Cloak Tuck’ 3.0 iwb concealed carry holster. Designed for even greater comfort and concealment, the ‘Cloak Tuck’ 3.0 features a lightweight design, soft neoprene fabric, ballistic nylon, and a stainless spring-steel core.

Alien Gear Holsters worked with a team of engineers to design the most technologically advanced concealed carry holsters on the planet. This new gun holster features better retention, enhanced flexibility and extreme comfort without sacrificing size or weight. The ‘Cloak Tuck’ 3.0 holster also exudes a durable design, allowing for long-term use without breakage.   Continue reading

Keep Your Skills Sharp with New Dry Fire Practice Accessories

TLB1In a perfect world, we would all be able to hit the range a couple times a week for some target practice and burn through a couple hundred rounds of ammunition to keep our drawing and shooting skills honed.  Even without skyrocketing ammo prices (when you can find ammo, that is) this still requires packing up all your gear, traveling back and forth to the range and cleaning everything once you’re finished.  Dry firing practice at home can be a useful way to practice drawing, trigger pulling and manipulating firearm controls while saving your ammo and range fees, but it isn’t quite as good as the real thing.

We got a chance to look at a number of products at SHOT Show 2013 that provide a happy medium between range time and standard dry fire practice.  These products include the Beamhit line from L-3 (think EOTech), Top Gun computer-aided shooting training system from Op.Electronics and the Laser Trainer line from Laserlyte, each of which allows you to train at home with your own (unloaded!) firearm. Continue reading

Self-Securing ‘Sticky Holsters’ Provide Flexible Carry Options

Sticky HolstersMike Christoff’s “Sticky Holsters” had already been around for over a year before we first started hearing the name.  Last year, the name came up again in the Gear Review section of the GunLink forums and again when we asked who we should visit at SHOT Show 2013.  Well, we visited them at the show and we’re glad that we did.

The first response when the holsters were mentioned on the forums was probably a common one:  “They’re sticky?”  Sticky Holsters aren’t so much sticky like glue as they are just “high friction.”  The IWB holster is constructed of three layers:  a layer of padding sandwiched between the textile interior and the rubberized exterior skin, which is somewhat similar to the material on the those no-slip dashboard mats that keep your cell phone or GPS from sliding away when you go around a corner.

This construction allows the holster to work without loops, clips or other gadgets to keep it in place.  Combined with the “sticky” exterior, pressure from your waistband holds Continue reading

Silencerco Saker Brings New Suppressor Features to the Table

Silencerco, the driving force behind last spring’s Silencers Are Legal Shoot, which drew attention to the legality of firearms suppressors, has just released their latest product, the 5.56 Saker suppressor.  First unveiled at the 2012 SHOT Show and now in full production, the Saker is billed as “the most advanced rifle suppressor on the market” and offers several key new features.

The first feature, which they call the Multiple Accessory Attachment Device (MAAD), is an interchangeable certerfire rifle mounting platform that allows the Saker to be attached to a variety of popular flash hiders and mounting systems.  In addition to offering flexibility, the capability to attach the suppressor to existing mounting systems is a potential money saver.  The Saker specifications page lists the Trifecta RS Flash Hider Mount, 51 Tooth Mount, Direct Thread Mount, Y-Mount and Specwar Mounts as compatible mounting solutions with support for more to come in the future. Continue reading


Moran, TX – Slide Fire Solutions, LP today announced that the United States Patent Office issued a Notice of Allowance concerning its patent application, Sliding Stock For Firearm. The allowed patent claims solidify and expand Slide Fire’s exclusive right to make and sell gun stocks that enable a shooter to repetitively discharge a firearm without spring force assistance.

“We received our first patent on this technology just a few weeks ago,” said inventor and Slide Fire president, Jeremiah Cottle. “Now it looks like we’ll soon have another patent to add to our portfolio. We’re very pleased that the patent office agrees that our inventions are unique and deserve protection.”

Slide Fire has aggressively pursued patent protection for its inventions, both in the United States and internationally. “Based on the favorable decisions by the patent office we have already, we are confident that we will be receiving more patents covering related innovations in the near future,” said Cottle.

About Slide Fire Solutions:
Slide Fire Solutions is a privately held company based in Moran, Texas and owns all rights in its ground breaking “slide stock” technology. Building on principles of “bump firing,” Slide Fire’s inventions allow a shooter to discharge a semi-automatic firearm such as an AR-15 or AK-47 as quickly as desired, without springs and without automatically functioning mechanical parts. The exclusive design offers many hours of entertainment for recreational shooters. The Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms has concluded that the Slide Fire device is not regulated as a machine-gun under the Gun Control Act or the National Firearms Act.

For more information, please visit

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