Armed Citizen: Homeowner shoots burglar

Armed.  Safe.A homeowner was asleep at home in Salinas, Calif. when he was awakened to a noise coming from outside the home. The homeowner then spotted someone near his garage. After arming himself, the homeowner went to the garage to investigate and found a burglar. The homeowner shot the burglar, who was then transported to a local hospital.

According to news outlet KSBW, police told reporters that “it appears the homeowner was protecting life and property and was in his legal right to use deadly force.” (KSBW, Santa Cruz, Calif. 04/14/14, KION, Monterey, Calif. 04/14/14)

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One Response to Armed Citizen: Homeowner shoots burglar

  • That’s the very reason why we, at least, try to own a firearm, to protect our lives and properties. But of course, as much as possible, if we can avoid using it, then it’s a lot better. But if the situation asked for it and it’s just appropriate to do so, then use it with precautions.


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