MagPump Adds More 9mm Retainers To The Lineup

MagPump, LLC is now offering several new adapters – also known as Mag Retainers – for its 9mm magazine loader. With double stack and single stack options available, these Mag Retainers make the 9mm loader more accessible for shooters owning multiple popular gun models.

New 9mm Mag Retainer Models include: Springfield XDM, H&K VP9, P2000, P30, USP P8, Walther P99Q, Canik TP9sfx, Berretta M9/92, Hudson H9, CZ75, Sig 365, and Glock 43.

The Mag Retainers can be purchased individually at local retailers or online at Each adapter is $19.99 (MSRP) with free shipping when purchased through MagPump’s website.

“The goal is to make all the MagPump units as universal as possible for every type of shooter,” commented MagPump CEO Pete Crawford. “This first release of new Mag Retainers will help take care of so many 9mm customers, both domestic and abroad. We anticipate releasing more newly designed adapters as soon as possible.”

MagPump magazine loaders allow users to load magazines in just seconds without hand fatigue and discomfort, and with less effort and strength than it typically takes to fully load magazines. For more information about the full line of products and to watch a demo of MagPump in action, visit the MagPump website at

About MagPump:
MagPump products are developed for passionate gun owners and operators, and offer the fastest solution for easily loading and unloading magazines. Formed in 2016, MagPump, LLC. purchased the assets and patents from MITUSA Manufacturing with the goal and ambition to continue providing innovative firearm accessory products and offering exceptional service for the shooting sports industry.


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