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Smith & Wesson’s Battenfeld Technologies to Acquire UST Brands

Acquisition Will Add Survival and Camping Brands to Accessories Platform – Closing Expected November 2016

Smith_Wesson_2Smith & Wesson Holding Corporation, a leading manufacturer of firearms and provider of quality accessory products for the shooting, hunting, and rugged outdoor enthusiast, today announced that its Outdoor Products & Accessories segment, through a subsidiary of Battenfeld Technologies, Inc., will acquire the business of Ultimate Survival Technologies, Inc. (“UST Brands”), a provider of high quality survival and camping equipment, in an asset acquisition for $32.3 million in cash. In addition, up to $2.0 million will be due over a period of two years following the closing, contingent upon the financial performance of the acquired business.

UST Brands is a recognized provider of some of the finest survival and camping equipment on the market. The UST Brands line of personal safety and survival tools includes LED lights, patented all-weather fire starters, unbreakable signal mirrors, premium outdoor cutting tools, first aid kits, signal whistles, survival kits, camp kitchen products, and more. UST Brands’ products are sold through a variety of outdoor, sporting goods, and large retailers, as well as through online merchandisers. Based in Jacksonville, Florida, UST Brands operates from a 100,625 square foot facility.

James Debney, President and Chief Executive Officer of Smith & Wesson, said, “We are very excited to announce the acquisition of UST Brands. With its complete offering of survival gear, UST Brands is our first acquisition that is entirely focused on the outdoor market, which is a key part of our vision to become the leading provider of quality products for the shooting, hunting, and rugged outdoor enthusiast. By expanding its product portfolio and retail presence, UST Brands delivered impressive compound annual revenue growth of 49% from 2012 through 2015. We believe that UST Brands’ broad distribution network, which includes strategic retailers, online retailers, and distributors, will create incremental opportunities for our existing accessories products. Moreover, we believe that the UST Brands product portfolio will benefit synergistically from the product innovation, distribution network, and efficient sourcing model that have contributed to the success of our Accessories Division under the leadership of its President, Jim Gianladis.”   Continue reading

Smith & Wesson to Acquire Crimson Trace

Smith_Wesson_2Smith & Wesson Holding Corporation, a leading manufacturer of firearms and a provider of quality accessory products for the shooting, hunting, and rugged outdoor enthusiast, today announced that it has signed a definitive agreement to acquire Crimson Trace Corporation (Crimson Trace), the industry leader in laser sighting systems and tactical lighting for firearms, for $95.0 million, subject to certain adjustments, utilizing cash on hand.

Crimson Trace has long been a key supplier of laser sighting systems for Smith & Wesson.  For more than two decades, Crimson Trace has provided consumers, military units, and law enforcement officers around the globe with the world’s largest selection of award-winning laser sight and tactical light products.  Crimson Trace offers more than 225 products and is widely recognized as the world’s leading brand of laser sights for firearms.  Its award-winning innovations include the Lasergrips®, Laserguard®, and Rail Master® platforms.  The company’s product line also includes the Defender Series®, Lightguard®, and its new LiNQ™ wireless activation system.  Based in Wilsonville, Oregon, Crimson Trace operates from a 50,000 square foot , leased facility where it engineers and manufactures its products.

Crimson Trace was founded 22 years ago and has organically generated a ten year compound annual revenue growth rate in excess of 10%.  The company maintains a product development team that has an established track record of launching high-quality, innovative laser sighting products.  As a result, its products maintain a premium position with hundreds of independent retailers as well as large sporting goods retailers, including Cabela’s, MidwayUSA, Nation’s Best Sports, and internet retailer Optics Planet, Inc.   Continue reading

Tedder Industries Launches Bigfoot Gun Belts Line

New Steel-Core Leather CCW Belts From Under the Same Umbrella as Popular Holsters

OWB Holster BeltBigfoot Gun Belts, a breakthrough company that specializes in making the world’s strongest and most reliable gun belts, is proud to release their highly anticipated Untamed Series to the open and concealed carry world. These premium leather gun belts exude quality and comfort, while providing superior support to your everyday IWB and OWB carry.

Never deal with a sagging holster ever again!

Bigfoot Gun Belts are made with a double layering of English Bridle leather, which is cut to order by a handful of skilled gun belt craftsmen. This drum dyed leather, available in traditional black or rich brown, has been chosen for its legendary strength and long lifetime.

To provide even more strength to this beast of a gun belt, craftsmen at Bigfoot Gun Belts have embedded a spring steel core between the two layers of rich leather. The steel core, available in both the 14-ounce and 18-ounce leather belts, provides handgun owners with a strength rarely seen before (perhaps only from a distance with a shaky camera).

Each of our gun belts go through a Triple Edge Finishing process, which includes a bevel, burnish, and paint done by the industries finest gun belt makers. This creates a smooth and uniform finish and also provides protection to the edges of your gun belt.

To match the strength and quality of the hand cut leather, Bigfoot Gun Belts are made with corrosion resistant hardware that will stand up to the harsh elements. The nickel-plated roller buckle will also allow the belt to effortlessly ‘roll’ through your buckle without damaging the leather, while the snaps provide you with an easy way to swap out your belt buckle within seconds.

Every Bigfoot Gun Belt is backed by our 7-Day Test Drive and Legendary Warranty. This provides you with a chance to test it out with your CCW for a full week with absolutely no risk. If you’re not fully satisfied by this beast of a belt, send it back for a full refund.

Capture the strongest gun belt in existence starting at $54.88 at   Continue reading

Ulticlip Says They are Bringing Concealed Carry into the 21st Century

Ulticlip-concealed(Chicago, IL)  Ulticlip was designed out of necessity. There were no viable options on the market that provided ease of carry, concealment, unprecedented holster retention, and versatility in one product.  Based on more than a decade of concealed carry experience, Ulticlip sought to address issues concerned with carrying a firearm.  Ulticlip has met that need!

Ulticlip’s patent pending design replaces current holster clips, allowing firearm owners to carry with better retention, a smaller footprint for increased concealment, as well as maximum versatility.  It can be worn with or without a belt and securely clipped in a backpack or purse.  Ulticlip’s design gives the firearm owner options that the standard holster clip has not allowed in the past.

Ulticlip is proudly made in the USA and was brought to market in May of 2015.  Ulticlip has acquired the praises of firearm owners from Japan, the Caribbean, South Africa, Europe, and across the USA.  Satisfied customers have said, “Why didn’t someone think of this sooner,” and “This is the product that I have been waiting for!”  A great product and outstanding customer service is the ultimate goal of Ulticlip.

Ulticlip-BeltRandall Darby, a life-long firearm owner, is the president and designer of Ulticlip.  He has worked as a full-time Missionary for over 20 years.  Randall states, “Exceeding our desire to make a quality product is our vision to make a difference in this world.  Ulticlip is a Christian run business.  We believe that real change starts in the heart of man.  For that reason Ulticlip gives a portion of the profit from each clip sold, to faith-based charities.”

For more information and video demonstrations, go to and watch for a review of the Ulticlip on GunLink coming soon!

Alien Gear Holsters Surpasses 500 Model Milestone

Company Now Offers More Than 500 Custom Molded Holster Shells

Alien Gear Cloak Tuck 2.0(Hayden, ID) Alien Gear Holsters, the most comfortable and concealable holsters on the planet, now offers over 500 gun holster options to carriers. From the popular Glock 43 holster to the notorious 1911 holster, this Idaho-based company has grown from just 250 gun holsters to over 500 different handgun holster types in less than two years. Alien Gear Holsters has grown at a phenomenal rate because of the quality and affordability the company offers to the concealed carry community.

Every custom molded holster shell is a part of a universal shell system. This allows anyone with an Alien Gear Holster to easily swap out their shell to match the gun they choose to carry. The universal shell system eliminates the need for you to buy a new holster for each gun you own. Instead, you can buy just one holster base capable of housing multiple shells and guns.    Continue reading

Alien Gear Releases Third Generation IWB Holster

cloak-tuck-3.0-whiteAs a follow-on to their original Cloak Tuck and Cloak Tuck 2.0 lines of holsters which we have previously reviewed, Idaho-based Alien Gear Holsters has announced the release of the next iteration of their inside-the-wasitband (IWB) holsters.

This latest iteration brings new materials to the holster line, as well as some improvements such as a steel insert covering the footprint of the pistol for durability while leaving the ends of the holster flexible enough to conform to your body.

Official release follows:

Alien Gear Holsters has revolutionized the concealed carry industry once again with their new and improved ‘Cloak Tuck’ 3.0 iwb concealed carry holster. Designed for even greater comfort and concealment, the ‘Cloak Tuck’ 3.0 features a lightweight design, soft neoprene fabric, ballistic nylon, and a stainless spring-steel core.

Alien Gear Holsters worked with a team of engineers to design the most technologically advanced concealed carry holsters on the planet. This new gun holster features better retention, enhanced flexibility and extreme comfort without sacrificing size or weight. The ‘Cloak Tuck’ 3.0 holster also exudes a durable design, allowing for long-term use without breakage.   Continue reading





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