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The Gun Stock Refinishing Project

We decided to make a project of doing some gun-stock refinishing work and getting a brand new GB LinSpeed MicroMesh Kit was the perfect impetus to get the ball rolling.  The stock in question comes from a 31 year old shotgun we have taking up safe space.  While certainly no “safe queen” and not a firearm you’re likely to see in the velvet-roped, mahogany-clad Gun Library at Cabela’s, the practical single-shot 12ga has served us well to harvest more than its fair share of small game and clay birds and it deserves a little TLC.

This isn’t the gun’s first trip down the revitalization path.  Being a relatively simple, utilitarian firearm, this piece has no doubt seen a number of bumps and bruises throughout its nearly third-of-a-century tenure in various forests, shooting ranges, safes and other locales.  The stock isn’t particularly beautiful from the factory, but it is composed of a decent (walnut?) hardwood.  A number of years ago the barrel was re-blued and the stock was sanded and given a quick finish-job with ordinary hardware store Linseed Oil.  Despite the passing years, the finish still seemed a bit soft or tacky or otherwise “not quite right.”  Plus, since then, it has received a few more bumps and bruises and, while the metal parts still look fine, a little time spent on the furniture wouldn’t be wasted. Continue reading





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