GOA: Gun Rights Advancing Both Nationally and in the States!

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GL_US_map_smThere is great news in the gun rights community today.

The New Hampshire Governor signed a GOA-backed permitless carry bill into law today, allowing the Granite State to become the 13th member of the Constitutional Carry Club.

Gun Owners of America will provide you more information on this, and other recent gun-related victories, later in the week.

Moving to the Congress, there are efforts underway to prevent the UN from continuing its crusade to destroy the Second Amendment.

A good percent of UN member nations consist of genocidal totalitarian regimes. And they certainly don’t want anyone other than government butchers to have access to firearms.

Just within the last eight years, the UN has tried to saddle us with the anti-gun Small Arms Treaty and the anti-gun Arms Trade Treaty – or ATT.   Continue reading

Looking for National Gun Rights Organizations? You Have Options.

UN RevolverA while back, a member of the GunLink Forums posted a message asking about pro-gun organizations that might not be quite as well known as others.  There are a number of national gun rights organizations which, for various reasons, some gun owners feel contempt for.  Whether it is because they feel that these organizations have made too many compromises with anti-gun politicians, don’t get enough done, send too much junk mail, ask for too much money or for other reasons, these gun owners are left with a bad taste in their mouth and a feeling that they don’t have anyone on their side who can get anything done for gun rights.

There is hope, however.  There are numerous national organizations fighting for our second amendment rights and many, many smaller regional or local organizations fighting on a grassroots level.  No matter what your personal feelings are about a particular organization, there is almost certainly one out there with which you can align yourself.  Throwing your hands up in frustration and walking away from the fight is exactly what anti-gunners want you to do and it will allow our rights to be trampled on even more than they already have been.

Take a look at these national gun rights organizations and see what they have to offer: Continue reading





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