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GunLink Directory Helps Promote Firearms and Gear Related Businesses

The GunLink website has numerous facets, most of which have been added due to feedback from visitors as the site has grown.  In addition to a blog with firearms news, product reviews, event coverage and more, GunLink offers forums for general discussion (firearms related or otherwise), user generated reviews, a Second Amendment grassroots meeting place and more.  We are currently working on re-seller programs for firearms related software and other products and, again based on visitor feedback, are considering the addition of a classified ads section for firearms and accessories.

With all of these more recent additions, we don’t want to forget the single purpose for which GunLink was created; the feature from which our site takes its name.  GunLink started out as a business directory for firearms related businesses.  Basically, a link to guns …hence the GunLink moniker.

The Directory in the Eyes of the Visitor

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