GunsAmerica Moves to Fill Void Left by Facebook Gun Group Shutdown

FBNotFoundIf you’re a firearms enthusiast and you’re on Facebook, chances are good that you might have belonged to one or more groups for discussing, buying, selling, and trading firearms.  If so, you are probably also aware that Facebook recently waged a misguided war against such groups because they facilitated legal face-to-face sales between members (think ‘online gun show’).  As of now, every gun group that Team GunLink members were in have been shut down and I haven’t talked to anyone who still has an active group (although they may be playing by Fight Club rules).

The shutdown of these groups has left a big void for individual private sellers to advertise their personally owned firearms for legal sale.  There are options such as the GunLink Marketplace and the GunLink Local Boards, where users can post their items that they want to sell, buy, or trade, and we have seen former members of our groups scrambling to start up new sites to replace the groups.  Now, according to their news release, GunsAmerica is tossing their substantial hat into the ring by offering free local listings that allow users to sell their firearms without fees to buyers within a 50 mile radius.   Continue reading





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