Branco: MSM Has Fingers Wedged in Hillary Clinton’s Cracks

Liberal “mainstream media” appear to be a modern-day version of Hans Brinker’s Hero of Haarlem.  Drip, drip, drip.

A.F. Branco: Damn! Put a plug in it. Wikileaks exposes Hillary Corruption.


Gun Salesman of the Year Award

Gun Salesman of the Year – Eight Consecutive Years!

Time may tell, but it may end up being Gun Salesman of the Century.  How many NICS check records have been set and then broken under this administrations constant attacks on gun rights?

ObamaGunSalesmanGreat Guns – And who is responsible for this big boom in gun sales?

A.F. Branc0 – Great Guns 

Branco: Democrats for Gun Rights

Like clockwork, as election time approaches candidates – including proven anti-gunners – trot out their gun rights rhetoric.  From obama holding a smoking shotgun to US Senate hopeful democrat Alison Grimes hoping to unseat Republican leader Mitch McConnell by holding a rifle, candidates are trying to coax gun owners to their side.

We’re not sure who is supposed to fall for these tactics but, election cycle after election cycle, they continue to show themselves holding firearms while bandying about their NRA membership (like that’s some big feat – NRA memberships are a mere $25 a year here).

A.F. Branco isn’t falling for it, as he shows in his Democrats for Gun Rights cartoon:

Democrats for Gun Rights

Branco: No Guns Allowed

How could their be gun crime?  There’s a sign!

A.F. Branco on Criminal Protection Zones:

No Guns Allowed

Another Anti-Gun Pol Dealing Guns?

Perhaps attempting to achieve Anti-Gun Hypocrite Level: Holder, California Senate’s top gun control advocate arrested in firearms trafficking plot.

Branco nails it:

Leeland Yee

Gun Show Bingo Is Here!

Gun Show Bingo CardHeading out to a gun show?  Spice things up and have a little bit of extra fun by printing out this GunLink Gun Show Bingo card to take with you.  Be sure to take enough for your friends and family who go with you – and maybe a few extras for people you meet there.

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If you have suggestions for new squares, changes or want a custom board, share them in the comments below or on the GunLink Forums Gun Show Bingo thread.

Keep your eyes open for other firearms related bingo cards from GunLink coming soon!

Happy gun show-ing!





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