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N82 Tactical Introduces New Products, Including IWB Magazine Carriers

N82Tactical_008The 2015 NRA Annual Meetings & Exhibits in Nashville (open to all NRA members & family) are just around the corner and N8² Tactical (“Nate-Squared Tactical”) will be there in booth 957 to showcase their latest products, including additions to their line of comfortable single-clip IWB holsters and the all-new magazine carriers styled after the Pro model holsters.

Nate Beard and Nate Johnson (namesakes of the Nate² brand) have been making IWB holsters since they dreamed up the idea in 2009.  Their suede backing, neoprene padding, and oil-tanned leather outer surface combine to protect your firearm while remaining imminently comfortable.  The single-clip design allows them to be easily put on or taken off.  The Original and Original Tuckable models, with their elastic firearm “pouches,” hold the firearm snugly while offering a degree of flexibility to carry other firearms of similar size.  The Professional models are an upgrade that features a polycarbonate (PC) shell that offers a custom fit, additional protection, retention and an adjustable cant angle.  The Pro model holsters are roughly the basis for one of their newest products which is sure to be a big hit.    Continue reading

N82 Offers Range of Comfortable, Innovative Holsters

N82 Tactical HolstersA Review of N82 Tactical’s Ultra-Comfortable Holsters

If you haven’t heard any buzz about N82 Tactical (pronounced Nate Squared Tactical, after the company founders) and their holster lineup, it could be the case that you don’t spend a lot of time perusing firearm websites or publications because the buzz is certainly going around.

We first started checking out N82 Tactical holsters as our KelTec P11 project was wrapping up and we were looking for carry options.  We had heard about them through our friends over at the Tac Daddy Live show, but didn’t know much about them.  Obviously it was time to learn more, so we contacted Nate B. who, along with Nate J., is one of the company’s two namesake Nates.  N82 Tactical offers three styles of IWB holsters for a huge variety of handguns.  The general construction of each style is roughly the same for the backing/pad with the main differences being in the actual holster part and the belt clip attachment.  Shortly after talking to Nate, he had P11 holster in each of their three styles headed to GunLink HQ.


The secret to the comfort of N82 holsters is in the construction of the backing pad.  The backing of all N82 holsters consists of the same three layers.  The outside surface, the surface that comes into contact with your firearm, is oil tanned leather.  This provides a safe contact surface that won’t damage the finish of your firearm but is still durable.  The inside surface, the side against your body, is a layer of Continue reading





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