Project Appleseed

Project Appleseed Mixes US History and Marksmanship

AppleseedProject Appleseed is a program offered by the Revolutionary War Veterans Association (RWVA) that focuses on American Revolutionary War education, basic firearms safety and rifle marksmanship skills.  The program started in 2006 in North Carolina, stemming from commentaries under the byline of “Fred” that ran alongside his surplus rifle-stock advertisements in Shotgun News.  From those humble beginnings, the program has grown to much larger proportions with thousands of attendees at hundreds of events across the nation every year.

The RWVA mission statement reads, in part:

Through Project Appleseed, the Revolutionary War Veterans Association is committed to teaching two things: rifle marksmanship and our early American heritage. We do this for one simple reason, the skill and knowledge of what our founding fathers left to us is eroding in modern America and without deliberate action, they will be lost to ignorance and apathy.

I first started hearing “buzz” about Project Appleseed around 2008 or so and Continue reading





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