The Ins and Outs of Shipping Firearms

Shipping a RifleShipping a firearm can be a confusing ordeal and the plethora of conflicting information and anecdotes floating around online and at gun counters doesn’t make the matter any clearer.  Is it illegal to ship a firearm with a particular carrier?  Is it against this carrier’s company policies?  What about the USPS?  Can it go across state lines?  Does it matter who I ship it to?  Can I ship it to myself instead of flying with a firearm?

First off, the rules are different for licensees (FFL holders) versus non-licensees.  We are mainly going to cover the rules for the non-licensed average Joe here since, if you are an FFL you probably already know how to ship firearms.  We will briefly touch on some aspects of FFL shipping, however, since having a licensee do your shipping can often be easier and more affordable than doing it on your own.

If you ship incorrectly, you may end up facing consequences like denied insurance claims if your firearm is lost or damaged or, worse, going to jail.  With these kind of high stakes, it pays to do it right at all levels when shipping a firearm.   Continue reading





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