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The Gun Control Machine’s Brain Trust of Astroturf Sleeper Agents Awaken

The robots have received the signal – MSM coverage of a shooting in public – and the hand-wringing, NRA blaming, and gun control pushing has begun.

Nevermind that the latest incident in the Tennessee, as with most of these incidents, happened in a gun free zone.  Nevermind the fact that Tennessee residents have been worried about their safety since at least 2010 because of the theater’s “no guns allowed” policy.  And nevermind the fact that early reports indicate that, despite shots being fired, the only injuries during the incident were from the scumbag discharging some pepper spray and trying to hatchet someone.

Without further ado, let’s look at some of the buzz that immediately swamped Twitter immediately following the attack…  Continue reading

Mean Tweets – Anti-Gun Zealot Edition

MeanTweetsThe brilliant minds over at the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence (CSGV) posted a cute video a few weeks ago showcasing some of the social media malaise they have received.  Despite the idea being stolen from Jimmy Kimmel’s #MeanTweets routine and the groups absurd name (right in line with calling the disarmament of law abiding citizens to stop violent criminals from preying on them “common sense”), there are some pretty good ones in there.

Keep letting @CSGV know how you really feel and maybe we’ll see a Part II.

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