Anti-Gun Group Encourages Misuse of 911 System, Police Resources

csgv911The unsurprising revelation that their members are obsessed with penises and penis size isn’t the only thing to be gleaned from the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence’s (CSGV) Facebook page.  The zealous gun control group is also apparently using social media to encourage the misuse of the 911 system to further their political goals.

The CSGV – formerly known as National Coalition to Ban Handguns (NCBH) – posted the following to their Facebook page:  “If you see someone carrying a gun in public and have ANY doubts as to their intentions, call 911. Never put your safety–or the safety of your children and loved ones–at the mercy of weak gun laws that allow individuals to buy and carry guns with little, if any, screening for criminal and/or mental health background.

Several of their Facebook fans, seemingly struggling to suppress small flashes of independent thought, are assisted by the CSGV in follow-up comments.

One hoplophobic poster, apparently concerned about using up all of their cell phone minutes, says that “the problem with that is that whenever I see someone carrying a gun in public I have doubts about their intentions and my safety.”  The gun-ban advocacy group encourages them:  “Then call 911. That’s the point.

Another poster seems to get slightly further in the thought process, nearly glomming on to some genuine common sense.  “Has anyone here actually called 911 to report someone with a gun? I have and was told that there is nothing illegal about having a gun and that was the end of the conversation,” she posts.  Having no apparent interest in something so petty as the rule of law, CSGV replies that this is an “unacceptable response” and urges the poster to “work up the chain on your next call.”    Continue reading

The Gun Control Machine’s Brain Trust of Astroturf Sleeper Agents Awaken

The robots have received the signal – MSM coverage of a shooting in public – and the hand-wringing, NRA blaming, and gun control pushing has begun.

Nevermind that the latest incident in the Tennessee, as with most of these incidents, happened in a gun free zone.  Nevermind the fact that Tennessee residents have been worried about their safety since at least 2010 because of the theater’s “no guns allowed” policy.  And nevermind the fact that early reports indicate that, despite shots being fired, the only injuries during the incident were from the scumbag discharging some pepper spray and trying to hatchet someone.

Without further ado, let’s look at some of the buzz that immediately swamped Twitter immediately following the attack…  Continue reading

Anti-Gun Group Uses Trick Photography to Hide Paltry Numbers

As reported by NRA-ILA, "Hundreds" of MDA supporterspro-gunners apparently were not the only ones in Nashville last weekend for the NRA Annual Meetings and Exhibits.  Moms Demand Action for Gunsense in America were apparently there also, but nobody seemed to notice.  Until they got caught creatively spinning “facts.”  Big shock there.

The social media post by MDA reads “Just blocks from the NRA convention, hundreds of moms, dads and kids gathered today to show that we’ll go anywhere to bring the message of gun sense to America! Join our fight, we’re just getting started.

Hundreds, you say?  That’s cute, compared to the nearly 80,000 that attended the NRA meetings down the street.  And “hundreds” might seem reasonable if you take the accompanying photo at face value.  However, as usual, one just cannot seem to take anything this group says at face value.

It just so happened that there was another photographer in the area that captured the real story with this photo.  What was claimed to be “hundreds” of anti-gun zealots shows the actual anemic turnout for their photo op was really only a few dozen – including the children that were dragged to the event for their dose of indoctrination.  Perhaps technically since there have been slightly more than one hundred there, they feel comfortable calling it “hundreds.”

So how did they do it?  Trick photography, of course.  They arranged people in a funnel shape with a few people in the front, fanning out toward the rear so that the attendees filled the field of view – and no more – to give the appearance of a large crowed as far as the eye can see.

Just a reminder that when you see the anti’s propaganda machine output, caveat emptor!

Brady Campaign to Gun Control Supporters: “Listen, Dummies”


Last January, National Review Editor Rich Lowry joined a host of others in denouncing Barack Obama’s use of elementary school children at a press conference to unveil his gun control agenda, calling the spectacle “stupidly exploitative” and “infantile.”  A newly-released ad from the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, however, suggests some in the anti-gun community have perversely taken that criticism as a challenge.  With the new ad, the Brady Campaign seems intent on taking the tone of anti-gun arguments from the school yard to the nursery.

Aptly titled “Gun Laws for Dummies,” the video features an armed cartoon “bad guy” (one suggestive of the popular Angry Birds franchise) wreaking havoc on his illustrated community, using a privately-acquired firearm to break one character’s vacuum and pop another’s balloons.  Brady also uses the ad as an opportunity to repeat the invalid statistic that 40 percent of gun sales occur in private transactions and to portray members of Congress as corrupt and rooting for the “bad guys.”  As if this all weren’t creepy enough, it also includes narration by what sounds like a preschooler, who suggests that keeping firearms from the unlawful by enacting more laws should be “easy peasy.”

The ad was released as part of a new push to criminalize all private firearms transfers.  This move coincides with the 20th anniversary of the passage of the Brady Law.  The Brady Campaign’s proposed expansion of federal background checks would force even many family and friends to get government permission for firearm transfers amongst each other and subject all lawful gun transfers to federal paperwork and recordkeeping requirements, the prerequisites for a national registry.   Continue reading





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