CMP Releases Details on 1911 Pistols

Prices, Purchase Procedures, and More

While the National Defense Authorization Act granted transfer of a maximum of 10,000 1911s per year to the CMP, the Secretary of the Army allowed only 8,000 1911s to be transferred to the CMP for sale and distribution this fiscal year. Some of those are anticipated to be unusual and worthy of being auctioned. The remaining number will be sold based on a computerized Random Number Generator.

The CMP does not know what next year’s allotment might be.

Procedures for Purchasing 1911 Type Pistols from CMP 1911

Every applicant will be treated as a new customer to CMP.

Previous purchases or relationships with CMP create no advantage or disadvantage to the customer.

CMP 1911 is an FFL governed operation and is a separate entity from CMP and has its own record keeping operation with no ties to the existing CMP records.

PLEASE DO NOT CALL, LEAVE MESSAGES OR EMAIL THE CMP 1911 CUSTOMER SERVICE/SALES DEPARTMENT (which will be functional 4 June 2018) NOR THE CMP CUSTOMER SERVICE/SALES DEPARTMENT. They have no further information at this time. However, all ordering information will be included in the 1911 packet posted 4 June 2018. The information contained in the packet should answer ALL QUESTIONS regarding the ordering process. ORDERS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED BEFORE 4 SEPTEMBER 2018. ORDERS RECEIVED BEFORE THAT DATE WILL BE DESTROYED.

Thank you for your patience, understanding and support.

CMP1911 Customer Purchase Details

  1. CMP 1911 order form packet will be posted on the CMP website on 4 June 2018 for download – click on CMP 1911 icon.
  2. CMP 1911 customer service number is 256-835-8455 extension 461. (This number is non operational until June 4, 2018)
  3. CMP 1911 customer service email address (Please do not email questions about the ordering process until the order packet is posted June 4, 2018. All information needed to order a CMP 1911 is in the order packet.)
  4. Only ONE CMP 1911 order form packet per customer may be submitted.
  5. CMP 1911 order form packet must be mailed to the following address. This includes USPS, UPS, Fed Ex, etc. Orders must be postmarked NOT PRIOR TO 4 September 2018 and NOT AFTER 4 October 2018. Any orders received postmarked prior to September 4 will not be accepted. Hand delivered, emailed and faxed orders will not be accepted. Only orders sent to the following CMP 1911 address will be accepted:

    CMP 1911
    1800 Roberts Drive
    Anniston, AL 36207

  6. Customer names from complete CMP 1911 order form packets will be fed into a computerized Random Number Generator on 5 October 2018. The Random Number Generator will provide a list of names in sequential order through the random picking process. Customers will be contacted in the sequence provided by the Random Number Generator. The CMP 1911 customers will select their grade of pistol (Service, Field or Rack) from available inventory at the time of order notification. Customers with higher numbers may have fewer grades from which to choose. When this year’s allotment of 1911s is exhausted, the remaining orders will be held in the existing sequence for all future allotments of 1911s. The CMP does not know what future allotments might be.

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ANME Winter Expo Kicks Off in Las Vegas

Army Navy Military Expo Showcases Backbone of Tactical and Surplus Industry

anme_logoThe Army Navy Military Expo (ANME) kicked off Sunday at the Rio All Suites Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, just days before the official start of that other big show in town catering to similar crowds.  The ANME is a business-to-business trade show that offers goods from the army, navy, tactical & law enforcement, camping & outdoors industries.  GunLink staff had a chance to stop by the show on opening day to walk the aisles and visit with a number of the exhibitors.

As one exhibitor explained to us, the show was born about half a decade ago following a change of direction in another show that many of the vendors had previously focused on and has been growing ever since.  For business owners and buyers in the surplus and tactical industries, the ANME offers much more personal opportunities to interact with their suppliers than some larger shows.  The show also offers a venue for SMBs and start-ups for whom getting on an exhibitor waiting list and hoping to get in might not work.

ANME SponsorsThere is some overlap between SHOT and ANME exhibitors and attendees – we saw some familiar faces both in the booths as well as walking the aisles, including a James Yeager sighting – but another vendor explained to us that there is often a marked difference what attendees are looking for.  Rather than focusing on the latest firearms and high-tech gadgets, attendees here are looking for genuine military surplus goods as well as outdoor and survival staples and basic tactical products – something that can be challenging in a world where the finite supply of vintage surplus goods is ever shrinking. Continue reading





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