Flying with Firearms – The (RKBA) Friendly Skies

FriendlySkiesA conversation that I had with one of the vendors at the recent NRAAM in Nashville got me thinking about traveling with firearms.  Although certainly not a member of the jet set, I do a fair amount of traveling for work and pleasure – much of it on commercial airlines – and I often take a firearm with me.  Whether it is for business, family vacation, a relaxing getaway, a big hunt, or something else, plenty of people find themselves flying around the US.  Last year alone, scheduled commercial flights carried nearly 663 million domestic passengers.

One can’t help but figure that it is a safe bet that some of those flyers were CCW-ers, hunters, or otherwise among the many millions of firearm owners in the US – and many of them probably took their firearms with them.  So… how do they do it?

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