Bullpup .22LR Pistol from ZiPFactory Keeps Plinkers Within Budget

ZiP .22 pistolZiPFactory, an offshoot of US Fire Arms (USFA), was at SHOT 2013 and they brought with them their ZiP .22.  This bullpup pistol doesn’t have a slide, an ejector or an extractor.  This allows the number of parts in the entire firearm (in the basic configuration) to limited to only 25.  It also allows the MSRP to be kept just shy of $200.

The company is marketing the ambidexterous ZiP .22 as being highly modular with the ability to use it as a pistol, an SBR or as an accessory mounted under another firearm.  The pistol also makes use of ubiquitous (and supremely reliable) Ruger 10/22 magazines, even offering the 10-round Ruger BX-1 rotary magazine as a factory accessory for an additional $20.  The blowback operated ZiP .22 also relies on the feed lips of the magazine to act as an ejector.  As such, it may be advisable to stick with metal-lipped factory magazines or aftermarket magazines with a similar profile.  We haven’t heard any word on the performance of plastic-lipped aftermarket magazines.

ZiP .22 PistolIt sounds like, for the time being, ZiP Factory is taking a page from Henry Ford’s book and allowing customers to order the polymer-framed pistol in any color they want – as long as it’s black.  Although they appear to not yet be available, the company website does tease visitors with pictures of ZiP .22 pistols in colors such as “Alien Grey,” Coyote Tan and blue.  Davidson’s Inc. is currently the exclusive distributor of the pistols.

ZiP .22
Caliber: 22 L.R.
Barrel Length: 5.25″
Frame: 5.9″
Approx. Weight: 0.95 lbs.
Height: 3.1″
Width: 1.2″

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