Strip Gun Club Offers Unique Shooting Experience on Las Vegas Strip

Strip Gun Club Custom M3HBDuring SHOT Show 2013 we had a chance to take a break from the show floor and visit Las Vegas’ newest firearms-oriented addition.  Opening in early December 2012, the Strip Gun Club, which describes itself as the “first and only shooting range on the world-famous Las Vegas Strip,”  offers a high-end shooting experience for visiting shooters and locals alike.

The double doors at the front of the building (featuring rifle- and pistol-themed handles) give way to a well appointed lobby/gift shop complete with hardwood floors, attractive furnishings and a gun safe protected by the door of a bank safe allegedly knocked over by John Dillinger himself.  The place is decidedly a touch classier than many other shooting ranges I’ve been to.

The point of a shooting range, however, is not the decor – however nice it may be here.  Strip Gun Club offers seven shooting lanes divided among two pistol lanes, four rifle lanes and one lane with a built-in turret for mounting the medium and heavy machine guns available for rent.  SGC personnel also noted that the range has plans to implement a PRISm range system.  To keep guests comfortable and safe, access to the firing lines includes a pair of (presumably) magnetically secured noise-lock doors.

A range of firearms are available for rent, from relatively mundane handguns, rifles and shotguns to more exotic offerings like chromed custom .30 and .50 caliber machine guns, an FN PS90, Kriss Vector, MP5K, a Desert Eagle and the hulking S&W 500 revolver.  Firearms can be rented a la carte or as part of one of the range’s packages ranging in price from $99 to $1,999.  Locals enjoy a number of discounts, including 25% off of ammunition.

We’re not sure how well suited Strip Gun Club is to hobbyists and other frequent shooters but it seems like a great place for traveling businessmen and conventioneers who are in town with spare time, an expense account and the urge to pop off a few rounds.  A visit here could also make an interesting addition to bachelor parties and other just-for-fun Vegas trips.

Let us know in the comments below what you think of Las Vegas’ new Strip Gun Club, especially if you have been there to shoot.

Photography by Westford86 Professional Firearms Photography.

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