KelTec Discontinues Production of P11

KelTec P11 CaseSubcompact 9mm handguns are all the rage with many CCW-ers. The Sig P365, Springfield Hellcat, and Glock 43 are hot sellers thanks to their fairly high round count relative to their fits-in-a-pocket size real-ammo chambering. Back in the olden days, however, there weren’t as many options. Sure, circa mid-90s Glock introduced the chunky chopped-down Baby Glock G26 that could pack 11 rounds of 9×19 NATO, but that same year, KelTec introduced their P11 – a DAO 10+1 9mm that could fit in a pocket or disappear in a waistband.

Sure, the OEM trigger was (and continued to be) terrible. Sure, it wasn’t a piece of art. Sure, the sights were crude. But I carried one for several years, either as a primary CCW or a backup piece, and we had a lot of fun improving ours.

But, alas, those days have come to an end with KelTec announcing the discontinuation of the P11 model. Quite likely due to the newcomers on the market who scratch the itch for this category with a far better executed pistol for a hundred or two bucks more or the SCCY CPX1/2 clones for roughly the same price.

Although the pistols will no longer continue to be made, KelTec says that they will continue to honor the warranty and provide service as long as replacement parts are available.

RIP, KelTec P11. The company even laid the venerable pocket pistol to rest with a… Viking funeral?



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