2014 SHOT Show

Film Details Attacks on Right to Keep and Bear Arms

Assaulted:  Civil Rights Under FireWe first caught wind of Assaulted:  Civil Rights Under Fire in 2012 when the original Kickstarter campaign was making its rounds.  Wildly popular amongst crowd-funders, through the original campaign and the “finishing” campaign, director Kris Koenig raised $148,737 from nearly 2,000 contributions – well over the $135K goal.

Koenig describes the goal of Assaulted as “educating the public about how their rights are under attack.”  A noble goal, given the never-ending attack on the supposedly constitutionally-protected right to keep and bear arms.  The film touches on a number of historical events ranging from the 1946 Battle of Athens (TN) to the LA riots of the early ’90s and gun confiscations after hurricane Katrina.  Narrated by rapper Ice-T, Assaulted features appearances by Ted Nugent, Chris Cheng, Alan Gottlieb, Alan Gura and others – all rock stars in their own right.

Dead Patriot Films says Continue reading

Custom Cases Made Easy

Custom AR Pelican CaseHaving worked in a previous life for an equipment manufacturer who put their wares into Pelican 1520 cases, I’ve picked and plucked my way through enough case foam to last a lifetime.  I’ve also picked, plucked and cut plenty of cases for my own firearms, electronics and other gear so I know what kind of hassle, mess and potential for foul-ups are involved to often end up with so-so results.  That’s why I was excited to spot MyCaseBuilder while roaming the aisles of SHOT Show 2014.

There are several options commonly available when it comes to storing and transporting firearms in a hard case.  These options range from totally generic to completely custom; a range that generally corresponds to almost no protection to superb protection with a tailor made fit. Continue reading

Kel-Tec Adds New Bullpups to Kennel with RDB and M43

Kel-Tec RDBSHOT Show 2014 saw Kel-Tec add two new bullpups to their lineup that already includes the KSG shotgun and RFB in 7.62 NATO.  Their latest offerings, the RDB and M43, bring the 5.56 caliber into the mix with standard AR-15 magazine compatibility.  Built around the same steel frame and downward-ejecting, rotating bolt, piston operated bullpup action, the two are essentially the same firearm – albeit dressed in radically different furniture.

The RDB (for Rifle, Downward-ejecting, Bullpup) looks like something you would expect to come out of the Kel-Tec labs, wit its polymer furniture and familiar styling.  This is the tactical model, featuring a picatinny rail for mounting your favorite optics and/or irons.  The lightweight tactical RDB, with its aluminum and polymer parts, tips the scales at just 7 pounds.

The sheet metal and wood of the M43 adds a Continue reading

Device Makes it Easier to Rack Your Semi-Auto Pistol

Handi-RackerEver grabbed your semi-automatic pistol to rack the slide and had trouble overcoming the stiff recoil spring (or springs, since many of today’s pistols have dual recoil springs)?  Have your shooting buddies or gun shop salesmen recommended revolvers to make things easier?  Whether you struggle with slides due to injury, arthritis or just insufficient grip strength, a gunsmith in Iowa has come up with a brilliantly simple solution to help you enjoy your semi-autos again.

Chris McAninch was approached by a customer requesting modifications to his firearm to make it easier to use.  Rather than permanently modifiying the pistol, Chris invented the Handi-Racker.  The device works by gripping your pistol’s slide with enough clearance in front of the barrel to allow charging the pistol by placing the device against a table, wall or other flat surface and pushing the firearm frame forward.  It is similar in principle to the old “rear sight on the booth heel” tactical one-handed reload method but with more predictable results and less chance of damaging your firearm. Continue reading

Elzetta Lights Up Your Life with New Offerings at SHOT

The Elzetta FamilyElzetta, the Kentucky-based manufacturer of tactical lights and mounts, famously made waves by demonstrating the toughness of their lights by hammering hundreds of nails with them.  That toughness is made possible by starting off with mil-spec type III hard anodized 6061-T6 aluminum bodies and filling them with fully potted electronics, 7/8″ thick acrylic lenses instead of reflectors and a variety of beefy tail cap options.  At SHOT Show 2014, Elzetta showcased some of their latest wares which, as with all of their modular flashlights and mounts are made in the USA using American materials, American tooling and American labor. Continue reading

Trigger Time Behind Long Range Smart Optics

.30-06 Remington 2020One of the most exciting things we got to see at range day was a pair of siblings from the smart optics family:  the Tracking Point Xact system and its little brother, the new Remington 2020 system.  Despite getting behind the Tracking Point for some simulation last year, this was my first time sending live rounds downrange with it.  Way downrange.  We punished the nearly 1000 yard target with the .300 Win Mag version and, since misery loves company, we put a hurting on the 350+ yard target with the .30-06 Remington 700 with the 2020 on top.

The new Remington system uses the same optic/ballistics calculator/range finder/wi-fi server/magic box as the Tracking Point, although not so tightly integrated with the firearm.  Despite the device handling the measurements and ballistic computations for the user, it doesn’t have any mechanism for Continue reading





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