Branco: Warm Up Act (Overcoming that Pesky Constitution)

Branco takes on the cranky democrats’ temper tantrum on the House floor over their notion that the US government is not doing enough to abrogate the Constitution of the United States of America and the Bill of Rights.

A.F. Branco – Warm-Up Act

A F Branco - Warm-up Act

Branco: Obama and Hillary’s Sweet Dreams

Obama and Hillary Asleep at the Gate while barbaric radical Islamic terrorists slip by to kill our people.

A.F. Branco – Sweet Dreams


Branco: Disarming America

The left’s plan against terror is Disarming America so that only the criminals and terrorists among us will have access to so-called “assault weapons.”

A.F. Branco – Disarming America


Branco: Who’s to Blame for Mass Shootings in America?

Obama and Hillary deflecting Blame for the mass shootings in America on honest law abiding gun owners.

A.F. Branco – Deflecting Massacre Blame.


Branco: If it Saves Just One Life…

Guess it’s not a two-way street…

A.F. Branco – The One.

It’s the same old story, same old song and dance, my friend.


GunLink Blog Reaches Milestone

250000The GunLink Blog has reached a milestone.  We have successfully banged away at our keyboards enough to pass the quarter-million-words-published mark.

If each word were one mile long, you could stretch them out and reach the moon, even at apogee.  Of course, if each one were $1USD, you could just buy a seat on a Virgin Galactic flight and get there quicker.  If you had those dollars in the bank, the FDIC wouldn’t even insure all of them.  On the other hand, if they were Turkish Lira, you could easily fit it in your pocket.

According to Oxford Dictionaries, we could have simply listed every distinct word in the English language and realized this same auspicious achievement.  However, we like guns – and, if you are reading GunLink, you presumably have at least some passing interest in them as well – so we thought that everyone’s time would be better spent if we arranged a selection of those words in such a manner as to pique that interest.

If each of those 250,000 words was a firearm, it would almost be as many firearms as are illegally smuggled into Mexico each year – thanks in part to the DOJ, Eric Holder, and Fast & Furious.  If they were rounds of ammunition, it would equal what this truck driver accidentally drove in to Juarez.  If, again, each of those 250,000 words was a dollar, it would cover the amount that Mayor Rahm Emanuel wants for useless gun buybacks in violent gun-control mecca Chicago.  It would also cover the amount of insurance that DC wants to require gun owners to carry or the pocket-change that Michael Bloomberg dropped to get a fellow gun-grabber elected.  Despite their strict gun control, Australia has as many outlawed firearms in circulation as we have words published.   Continue reading





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