SAAMI Adds FAQ Section to Website

AmmunitionThe Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers’ Institute® (SAAMI®), one of the world’s foremost experts on firearm and ammunition safety and reliability, is pleased to announce that it has enhanced its website with a new “Frequently Asked Questions” feature. The feature, a searchable online document, is available through the SAAMI website home page.

“We’re very happy to have this added functionality on the SAAMI website and think our site users will appreciate it, too,” said Brian Osowiecki, SAAMI Manager, Technical & Regulatory Affairs. “As the leading technical resource in the industry, we developed this FAQ section to answer the questions we field every day here at SAAMI, questions such as what the difference is between the 5.56x45mm and .223 Remington cartridges, what the terminal energy is of a cartridge and many more, providing definitive answers to the public and industry members.”

Headquartered in Newtown, Connecticut, SAAMI was founded in 1926 at the request of the federal government to create safety, reliability and interchangeability standards for the firearms and ammunition industries. An ANSI-accredited standards developer, SAAMI also coordinates technical data, promotes science-based decision-making by regulators and legislators and promotes safe and responsible firearms use. These efforts are conducted on a global scale. For more information, visit

Firearms Guide Makes Jump from DVD to “The Cloud”

FirearmsGuide-screenshot01We have told you about the Firearms Guide in the past as it has grown and matured from a disk-based database of firearms information to a more comprehensive suite that includes high resolution photos, schematics, gun and ammo specs, printable targets and more; as well as growing to include specialized versions for niches such as tactical rifles.  Now the firearms guide has made the next step since the previous disk-based version as it moves into “the cloud“.

Firearms Guide bills itself as the first fully researchable global database of firearms, air guns, and ammunition created for industry professionals and enthusiasts.  The guide enables searches of antique and modern guns along with side by side comparisons of search results.  Firearms are cross-referenced with the ammunition database and the guide also includes a separately searchable firearms schematic database. Continue reading


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