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shotshow-logoThe National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) annual Shooting Hunting and Outdoor Trade Show (SHOT Show) is just around the corner and, as usual, the GunLink team will be there to cover it all.  From the opening shots of the pre-show Industry Day at the Range through the last booth of the show floor, be sure to follow our coverage on our family of websites and social media outlets.

Join the discussion on the GunLink Forums in the 2017 Industry Day at the Range thread and in the 2017 SHOT Show thread.  For more in-depth coverage, reviews and more, stay right here on the GunLink Blog.  If instant gratification and up-to-the-second updates, photos, and reports from the range (as if there was cell service out in the desert) and SHOT Show floor is what you are looking for, find us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.  Don’t forget that you can use all of these avenues to connect with us to let us know what type of shooting and firearms news you want to see covered from the show.    Continue reading

Girls with Guns Unveils New Hunting Gear at SHOT

logoChances are if you are a female interested in the outdoors, hunting, or shooting, you have heard of Girls With Guns (GWG). GWG started in 2008 with apparel designed to be fashionable while still allowing a young woman to wear camouflage to the store. From humble beginnings in a garage, GWG started out designing and embroidering their own hats and now their items can be found in national chains such as Cabela’s and Dick’s.

Norissa Harman and Jen Adams are two friends who are young, fashionable, and avid hunters. They grew tired of having to wear small men’s, and probably large boy’s, clothing while hunting. When you are out in the field hunting, ill-fitting clothes can cause many problems, such as exposed skin, being noisy, and restricted movement. They eventually expanded their clothing line to include hunting clothes, designed by women for women.   Continue reading

Remington Unleashes 300 Yard Muzzle Loader at SHOT Show

This Model 700-based Black Powder Rifle Ain’t Your Daddy’s Smoke Pole

Oh, great.  Another Remington 700 variant.  Yawn; keep moving.  Wait a second… that’s a front-loader?

RemingtonUML_01That’s pretty much what happened that got the GunLink crew to double back for an unscheduled visit as we strolled past the huge product art adorning the exterior walls of the Remington booth at SHOT Show 2015.  Of course, we had planned to stop in to the Freedom Group booth anyway to visit various members of the family, but this new rifle caught our attention.

The .50 caliber Remington UML appears to have a good start on living up to its name:  the Ultimate Muzzle Loader.  As much as the term may be overused, by all accounts the UML is a game changer in the black powder world.  And it is sure to further ruffle the feathers of traditionalists who already don’t like the current crop of fast, powerful modern inline muzzle loaders that blur the line between muzzle loaders and centerfire rifles.  In fact, unlike some other muzzle loaders, the UML is considered a firearm and is subject to the same regulation.

UMLballisticBased on the Remington 700 bolt-action, the inline UML is a true magnum – capable of handling 200 grains of powder, making it an accurate 300-yard rifle.  250 grain projectiles scream from the UML at 2,400 fps with nearly 3,200 ft lbs of energy.  At 300 yards, it is still supersonic at over 1,300 fps, delivering 966 ft lbs of energy. Continue reading

NRAAM Off to a Great Start

2014 NRAAM Exhibit HallDay one of the 2014 NRA Annual Meetings and Exhibits is in the can and the third of the big early-year firearms shows is off to a great start already.  GunLink staff is on hand to cover the show with all of the new and exciting products, services and more being offered to the shooting, hunting and outdoors communities and the coverage starts here.  Keep an eye on the GunLink Blog as well as the GunLink Forums for the latest guns, gadgets and more.

GunLink staff has been covering NSSF SHOT Show for several years now but the 2014 NRAAM marks our first visit to this show, so we weren’t sure what to expect.  We spend day one roaming the sometimes-narrow and often-crowded aisles of the exhibit floor, visiting with companies and plotting out our agenda for the remainder of the show.  We caught up with some familiar faces like Lola and Hank Strange, N82 Tactical,, Sticky Holsters, the KelTec crew and others.  Colorful Heizer PistolsWe are also getting a chance to meet up with less familiar faces with new and exciting offerings for target shooters, hunters and defensive firearm owners.  There is a strong presence of companies offering products catering to female shooters and, since we have one of our female editors here at the show, we will be able to provide a more useful perspective on those products.

The NRAAM exhibit hall floor is packed with show special pricing on various products and we are taking advantage of a number of them including some new Continue reading

NRA Annual Meetings and Exhibits Heading to Indianapolis for 2014

NRAAM 2014 - IndianapolisThe busy spring season for firearms and outdoor shows is wrapping up later this month as the NRA Annual Meetings & Exhibits speed into the home of the Indy 500.  The annual event, which moves around the nation each year, will be held at the Indiana Convention Center in downtown Indianapolis from Friday April 25 through Sunday the 27th.

Attendance is free for NRA members and online registration is available now.  If you are not already an NRA member, you can join online now and save $10 on your membership dues.

NRAAM hosts over 600 exhibitors that cover more than 400,000 square feet of exhibit hall space, this show is sure to have something for everyone.  Unlike SHOT Show earlier in the year, which is an industry-only event, NRAAM is open to the public, who spend the show’s three days visiting every major firearm and firearm accessory manufacturer in the country, seeing beautiful collections of priceless firearms and more.  The GunLink crew will be there to capture the action and bring you coverage of the latest guns, gear and more.

The event isn’t just about the exhibits, either!  There are dinners and benefit auctions, leadership forums and entertainment including the NRA Country Jam and a special appearances by Alabama, Sara Evans and Lieutenant Colonel Oliver North at the Stand & Fight Rally. Continue reading

Welcome to Fabulous SHOT Show – Las Vegas, NV

Welcome to Las VegasThis week marks the 36th annual SHOT Show.  With attendees numbering over 60,000 in recent years and nearly 2,000 exhibitors, the industry trade show has come a long way from its humble beginnings in 1979 St. Louis.

The Shooting, Hunting and Outdoor Trades – SHOT – Show exhibits the latest and greatest products and information for a wide variety attendees.  From the latest hunting and camping gear to law enforcement equipment and techniques to the most up-to-date marketing and compliance information for firearms dealers.  And, of course, guns.  Lots and lots of wonderful new firearms of interest to the general shooting public.

As we have for the last several years, GunLink will have staff at the show to compile all of the photos, videos and articles you need to plan out how you’re going to blow all your money this year.  New GLOCK and Remington pistols?  The latest in long range shooting?  AR parts and accessories?  Night vision?  You got it.  Keep your eyes right here on the GunLink blog and on the SHOT Show discussion board on the GunLink forums to keep up with SHOT Show coverage from GunLink as well as our friends and partners.





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