Anti-Gun Group Encourages Misuse of 911 System, Police Resources

csgv911The unsurprising revelation that their members are obsessed with penises and penis size isn’t the only thing to be gleaned from the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence’s (CSGV) Facebook page.  The zealous gun control group is also apparently using social media to encourage the misuse of the 911 system to further their political goals.

The CSGV – formerly known as National Coalition to Ban Handguns (NCBH) – posted the following to their Facebook page:  “If you see someone carrying a gun in public and have ANY doubts as to their intentions, call 911. Never put your safety–or the safety of your children and loved ones–at the mercy of weak gun laws that allow individuals to buy and carry guns with little, if any, screening for criminal and/or mental health background.

Several of their Facebook fans, seemingly struggling to suppress small flashes of independent thought, are assisted by the CSGV in follow-up comments.

One hoplophobic poster, apparently concerned about using up all of their cell phone minutes, says that “the problem with that is that whenever I see someone carrying a gun in public I have doubts about their intentions and my safety.”  The gun-ban advocacy group encourages them:  “Then call 911. That’s the point.

Another poster seems to get slightly further in the thought process, nearly glomming on to some genuine common sense.  “Has anyone here actually called 911 to report someone with a gun? I have and was told that there is nothing illegal about having a gun and that was the end of the conversation,” she posts.  Having no apparent interest in something so petty as the rule of law, CSGV replies that this is an “unacceptable response” and urges the poster to “work up the chain on your next call.”    Continue reading





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