Las Vegas

Strip Gun Club Offers Unique Shooting Experience on Las Vegas Strip

Strip Gun Club Custom M3HBDuring SHOT Show 2013 we had a chance to take a break from the show floor and visit Las Vegas’ newest firearms-oriented addition.  Opening in early December 2012, the Strip Gun Club, which describes itself as the “first and only shooting range on the world-famous Las Vegas Strip,”  offers a high-end shooting experience for visiting shooters and locals alike.

The double doors at the front of the building (featuring rifle- and pistol-themed handles) give way to a well appointed lobby/gift shop complete with hardwood floors, attractive furnishings and a gun safe protected by the door of a bank safe allegedly knocked over by John Dillinger himself.  The place is decidedly a touch classier than many other shooting ranges I’ve been to.

The point of a shooting range, however, is not the decor – however nice it may be here.  Strip Gun Club offers seven shooting lanes divided among Continue reading





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