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“Where To Shoot” App Puts Shooting Opportunities in the Palm of Your Hand

WTS-iOS-AndroidWhereToShoot.Org bills itself as “North America’s most comprehensive directory of shooting ranges,” allowing site visitors to find shooting ranges near their location whether they’re at home or traveling.  The free WhereToShoot app for smartphones and tablets (available for both Android and iOS) makes finding a place to shoot even more convenient.

The app is as simple to use as you might imagine.  Tell it where you want to shoot and it gives you a list of shooting ranges within your specified distance.  Click on a range and it gives you all of the pertinent details including the range address, telephone number, website address, range type, facility details and more.  If you’re more of a visual person and you prefer to see your closest ranges shown on a map rather than in a list, there’s an option for that as well.

Not sure where you are?  Not a problem.  Enough smartphone and tablet apps these days make use of the device’s location services that it no longer seems like the magical feature that it once might have but it really works great in the Where To Shoot app.  The app can figure out where you are and base the shooting range search results on that.  The app also seamlessly integrates with the Continue reading

Strip Gun Club Offers Unique Shooting Experience on Las Vegas Strip

Strip Gun Club Custom M3HBDuring SHOT Show 2013 we had a chance to take a break from the show floor and visit Las Vegas’ newest firearms-oriented addition.  Opening in early December 2012, the Strip Gun Club, which describes itself as the “first and only shooting range on the world-famous Las Vegas Strip,”  offers a high-end shooting experience for visiting shooters and locals alike.

The double doors at the front of the building (featuring rifle- and pistol-themed handles) give way to a well appointed lobby/gift shop complete with hardwood floors, attractive furnishings and a gun safe protected by the door of a bank safe allegedly knocked over by John Dillinger himself.  The place is decidedly a touch classier than many other shooting ranges I’ve been to.

The point of a shooting range, however, is not the decor – however nice it may be here.  Strip Gun Club offers seven shooting lanes divided among Continue reading


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