Remington Announces New 870 Variant with Detachable Box Magazine

Rem870DM_announceSince the Remington 870 was introduced in 1950 to replace the struggling Model 31, Remington’s has sold a lot of their popular pump shotgun.

Over 11 million, in fact, in a number of variants such as the base model Express, Police, Super Mag, Wingmaster, and recently released non-NFA short shotgun, the Tac-14.

In a live official unveiling tonight, “Big Green” announced their latest variant, the 870 DM, with DM being short for Detachable Magazine, and those detachable magazines being Remington’s in-house production three and six round box mags.

The 870DM line will initially be comprised of six sub-variants including the Hardwood, Magpul, Predator, Tactical, and Tac-14 editions that supplement the base model.

Remington_870DM_MagpulThe 870DM base model sports a synthetic stock with “corncob” fore-end and 18.5″ cylinder bore barrel. This model, like most others, will ship with a single six-round magazine.

The Hardwood model is similar in most aspects such as barrel, choke, and magazine, except that – as you might guess from the name – it has hardwood furniture. Both of these models are planned to retail for $529.   Continue reading

GunBroker and USA Shooting Bring London Games to Fans with a Special Auction and USA Shooting Bring London Games to Fans with a Special Auction; Winner Can Shoot with Five-Time Olympic Medalist Kim Rhode

Kim Rhode (PHOTO: Nv8200p)

(Kennesaw, GA) Want to shoot with Olympic medalist Kim Rhode?, the world’s largest Internet auction site for firearms and accessories, is hosting a special champion-themed Charity Auction. New and existing site users can currently bid on a one-of-kind experience that includes: a 3-day/2-night trip for two to Colorado Springs, a VIP tour of the Olympic Training Center and an afternoon of shooting with five-time Olympic medalist Kim Rhode. Donated by Winchester Ammunition, all proceeds from the charity prize package will benefit the USA Shooting Team.

“USA Shooting is excited to partner with Winchester to provide an opportunity of a lifetime – the opportunity to spend a day shooting with Olympic legend Kim Rhode at the Olympic Training facilities in Colorado Springs,” notes Buddy DuVall, executive director of the USA Shooting Foundation.

To track the auction and place a bid on this elite package, search for auction #301833800 or visit The auction closes Sept. 2, 2012. is proud to be the Official Continue reading

Governor Opposes Judge on Self Defense Handgun Issue

S&W Takes on Taurus in the Big, Multi-Caliber Revolver Category

Love it or hate it, The Taurus Judge has been around for a while now.  In case you’ve been under a rock (or if you just ignored those strange looking things in the corner of your gun shop’s case), the Judge, pictured at right, is a Taurus revolver capable of firing both .410 shotgun shells and .45 Colt rounds.  Taurus also offers other flavors of Judge revolvers which can add .454 Casull rounds into the mix.  The revolver, formerly model 4410, gained the Judge moniker in 2006 after Taurus Executive VP Bob Morrison learned that the firearm was becoming popular for courtroom self-defense with judges in high-crime areas.

The Judge line of revolvers is marketed as a short-distance self defense firearm and is also enjoying some popularity as a “snake gun” or “rat gun.”  Despite numerous critics of the platform, the Judge line seems to be selling briskly and is reported to have become Taurus’ top selling firearm.  Perhaps to the chagrin of those critics, Smith & Wesson has entered the market with their answer to the Judge:  the cleverly named Governor, which also fires .45 Colt and 2.5″ .410 cartridges but also introduces the ability to fire .45ACP rounds.

To be sure, the idea of a big, heavy revolver that can shoot a variety of big, heavy ammunition isn’t Continue reading

GunLink’s Best of SHOT Show 2012

Well, the 2012 NSSF Shooting Hunting and Outdoor Trade (SHOT) Show has come and gone from Fabulous Las Vegas and the 1,600 exhibiting companies brought with them many great innovations in the firearms, law enforcement, personal and home protection and outdoor realms.  It also brought out many faces familiar to firearms and outdoor enthusiasts.  The NSSF reports record setting buyer attendance (36,383 to be exact – which lead to record-setting numbers of sales orders being written at the show) and what they describe as “what may be the highest level of enthusiasm our industry has shown to start a new year.”  The record-setting attendance of 61,000 may have been a part of what prompted the 3-year contract extension which guarantees that the show will remain in Las Vegas at least through 2015.

With a show as huge as SHOT, it can take a little time to digest everything that one sees and does during the show.  The 2012 SHOT Show festivities lasted from January 16th through 20th 2012 and included shooting range time, company exhibits, movie screenings, celebrity appearances, meetings and more.  By now, we’ve had just about enough time to come up with a brief list of some of our favorite things from this year’s show.  Continue reading





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