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shotshow-logoThe National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) annual Shooting Hunting and Outdoor Trade Show (SHOT Show) is just around the corner and, as usual, the GunLink team will be there to cover it all.  From the opening shots of the pre-show Industry Day at the Range through the last booth of the show floor, be sure to follow our coverage on our family of websites and social media outlets.

Join the discussion on the GunLink Forums in the 2017 Industry Day at the Range thread and in the 2017 SHOT Show thread.  For more in-depth coverage, reviews and more, stay right here on the GunLink Blog.  If instant gratification and up-to-the-second updates, photos, and reports from the range (as if there was cell service out in the desert) and SHOT Show floor is what you are looking for, find us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.  Don’t forget that you can use all of these avenues to connect with us to let us know what type of shooting and firearms news you want to see covered from the show.    Continue reading

Smith & Wesson’s Battenfeld Technologies to Acquire UST Brands

Acquisition Will Add Survival and Camping Brands to Accessories Platform – Closing Expected November 2016

Smith_Wesson_2Smith & Wesson Holding Corporation, a leading manufacturer of firearms and provider of quality accessory products for the shooting, hunting, and rugged outdoor enthusiast, today announced that its Outdoor Products & Accessories segment, through a subsidiary of Battenfeld Technologies, Inc., will acquire the business of Ultimate Survival Technologies, Inc. (“UST Brands”), a provider of high quality survival and camping equipment, in an asset acquisition for $32.3 million in cash. In addition, up to $2.0 million will be due over a period of two years following the closing, contingent upon the financial performance of the acquired business.

UST Brands is a recognized provider of some of the finest survival and camping equipment on the market. The UST Brands line of personal safety and survival tools includes LED lights, patented all-weather fire starters, unbreakable signal mirrors, premium outdoor cutting tools, first aid kits, signal whistles, survival kits, camp kitchen products, and more. UST Brands’ products are sold through a variety of outdoor, sporting goods, and large retailers, as well as through online merchandisers. Based in Jacksonville, Florida, UST Brands operates from a 100,625 square foot facility.

James Debney, President and Chief Executive Officer of Smith & Wesson, said, “We are very excited to announce the acquisition of UST Brands. With its complete offering of survival gear, UST Brands is our first acquisition that is entirely focused on the outdoor market, which is a key part of our vision to become the leading provider of quality products for the shooting, hunting, and rugged outdoor enthusiast. By expanding its product portfolio and retail presence, UST Brands delivered impressive compound annual revenue growth of 49% from 2012 through 2015. We believe that UST Brands’ broad distribution network, which includes strategic retailers, online retailers, and distributors, will create incremental opportunities for our existing accessories products. Moreover, we believe that the UST Brands product portfolio will benefit synergistically from the product innovation, distribution network, and efficient sourcing model that have contributed to the success of our Accessories Division under the leadership of its President, Jim Gianladis.”   Continue reading

Meet Yuri Sivitski – The Soviet-Born Shooting Enthusiast with Muscular Dystrophy

How One Disabled USSR-Born Shooting Enthusiast is Chasing the American Dream

YuriSivitski_ARIf you are surfing GunLink, then chances are good that you are a shooting enthusiast or, at least, have some interest in self defense, hunting, plinking, or other shooting sports.  For many of us, picking up a firearm and hitting the range is a perfect way to spend a weekend.  For others, however, as enjoyable as it sounds, that is not a possibility.  Such is the case for Yuri Sivitski.

We recently made the online acquaintance of Yuri through Twitter.  Yuri was born and grew up in the Soviet Union – in the Belorussian Soviet Socialistic Republic, now known as the Republic of Belarus.  There, he was diagnosed at a very young age with muscular dystrophy – a disease without specific treatment or cure that weakens the musculoskeletal system and hampers movement.  You can see how this would be problematic for someone interested in the shooting sports.  Yuri has shared more of his story here on the GunLink Forums, where he has opened himself for an Ask Me Anything (within reason) Q&A session.

Yuri notes the irony of being a 46 year old man who is still working with “the rest of the same muscles I was born with” – which continue to deteriorate.  Although he has never been able to walk, and could never lift objects weighing much more than one pound, he has a great interest in firearms and the shooting sports.

I cannot remember, how it started, but everything about firearms has always been one of top interest in my life.  As you can imagine, in the Soviet Union access to guns for citizens was, let’s put it softly, restricted.

Given the nature of the Soviets’ harsh restrictions on firearm ownership by the general public and Mr. Sivitski’s condition, he did not have much opportunity to enjoy the shooting sports that he dreamed of, or even to go to a library to learn more about the subject that he loved.  For years, a meager selection of a few books and magazines were his only source of information on the topic, so he read and re-read them over and over.  And then… the internet came.  With this nearly limitless supply of information and knowledge now available to him via the internet through the use of assistive technologies, Yuri described himself as a “dimensionless sponge” to soak up information.  He was finally able to pursue knowledge about his passion, even if he was not able to put it into practice on the firing line.   Continue reading

National Rifle Association Selected to Produce Outdoor Show in Harrisburg, PA

After the flap that ensued from the Eastern Sports and Outdoor Show earlier this year following the decision by Reed Exhibitions, managers of the NSSF SHOT Show, to ban the sale or display of modern sporting rifles, many thought that it might be a death knell for the show.  Fear not, fans of the outdoor sporting show – the National Rifle Association has stepped in to continue the Harisburg tradition with a new name and less knee-jerk anti-rights attitude:

National Rifle Association Selected to Produce Outdoor Show in Harrisburg, PA

FAIRFAX, VA – The Pennsylvania Farm Show Complex & Expo Center has selected the National Rifle Association to continue its 65-year tradition of hosting a sport show in Harrisburg, PA, starting in 2014.

Recognized as the largest consumer sports and outdoor show in the country, the renamed Great American Outdoor Show will debut February 1-9, 2014. Attendees and exhibitors can anticipate an event filled with everything you have come to expect from the NRA. Hundreds of thousands of outdoor enthusiasts will enjoy nine days of shooting, hunting, fishing, camping and boating exhibits, plus seminars, demonstrations, and evening entertainment. Continue reading





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