Taurus’ Continued Innovation in CCW Weapons on Display at SHOT

TaurusCurve02Taurus firearms have had an up-and-down relationship with gun owners over the years.  We have seen changes at the company’s helm over the past half-decade or so and, with it, changes in their direction and product lines.  They have expanded with the acquisition of companies like Heritage Mfg., Diamondback, and Rossi.  They thought outside the box with the introduction of new revolvers like the massive Judge and the window-sided View.  We have seen customer service and quality control issues and we have seen those issues owned and addressed as they retooled their Brazilian manufacturing facilities and grew US manufacturing facilities – which is where two of Taurus’ latest CCW offerings are produced.

Ahead of the Curve

TaurusCurve01Taurus’ latest offering for the concealed carry market is the new Curve – a double-action only .380 ACP designed to conform to the body for greater concealment.  When carrying a firearm on one’s waist, the most difficult part to conceal is often the grip, which sticks out at odd angles from the body.  Taurus has addressed that with the Curve.  Not only is the Curve about the size of the new iPhone 6 Plus at 5.18″ long by 3.7″ tall with a short, stubby grip, its curved design allows it to hug up against the wearer’s hip.  This helps limit the pistol’s maximum projection from the body to the thickness of the 1.18″ frame and 0.88″ grip while allowing for 7 rounds to be at the ready. Continue reading





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